Why do we give money to beggar and why can’t we buy something from a poor person?

Why do we give money to beggar and why can’t we buy something from a poor person?
Are we really practicing compassion? Or we just talk on compassion?
It’s not that we should not give money (not only money, foods, clothes or anything) to beggars but I want to know is that, why don’t’ we buy something from the poor person, who sells flowers, foods or toys or anything, who walks in the middle of the road all day along trying to sell his/her goods and bring back some money to his/her house, hot or cold, not caring own body and feeling, they want is just a food for a day to give his/her family and for own self. They don’t wear a good clothes as we do, no good house to live and comfortable car to move places around don’t we feel compassion on them?? we Buddhist not only Buddhist every human talks about loving-kindness and compassion and don’t we feel compassion on them?_? who at least tries  work, earn money for a day and take back few money back to home, are we really practicing compassion?                                                                                                                                               
When we see a beggar we automatically feel pity on them and give him/her few coins, so in order to feel compassion should we meet only a beggar ? who begs around in the town or a city in the road, wearing half torn clothes, dirty body, some with no hand or some with no leg or with no eyes, should we offer only to those people? And someone who actually tries to earn something for a living works hard for a single penny whole day, but they look good~ ok ok! Got good clothes, hat to wear for sun protection, shoes or slippers to wear, glass for eye, are they not the object for compassion? Or we learn a lot about COMPASSION so that we don’t feel compassion for someone who looks good in physically and works hard?                                        
Yea, I know, I can understand, sometimes we don’t need what they sells, and what about beggars? They don’t give us anything nor they do any hard works? But why can we give  to beggars and why can’t we buy from the person who sells something? Although we don’t need what they sell, we do is just help them, we are helping them, how much it may cost not more than 20 bath, some sells for 5 and some for 10. Sometimes 5 and 10 or 20 bath we just give it to someone without any reason or benefits, when a son or a daughter asks money to their parents they just give a hundred or a thousand not even knowing what will they be doing with that money (sometimes only).                                                                  
             Now comes for a big big person, wealthy family, big organization holder or lets just say a religious person, they donates thousands and lakhs of money to some organization like orphan age home, old age home, schools or temples or anywhere, where they can be known, where people can know them, media can take photos and can be seen in newspaper, what is the use of doing all that? It looks like compassion but not compassion in real.                                         
When we feel compassion in real we just give it, not only to beggars but also to someone who needs it, like someone who sells flowers, candies, snacks in the middle of the road, how much it may cost not more than what we donate to temples or to other social places, sometimes when we enter to one shop, we don’t come out paying less than 50 or a hundred bath and now when time comes for a real help, why we are stepping backward? Let’s help to someone who works hard and try to earn something for a day to their family. Let’s not just talk about compassion, or donate to temples or other places, let’s stand front and help to person who really does something for living. Let’s spread compassion to every single sentient beings of this world.