I believe, that the hardest thing for anyone is to be waited by somebody, it’s so difficult to wait, to be seated in one place for a long time, and when slowly darkness covers the sky, heart beats starts stronger in afraid, it’s just so difficult to stay alone, without doing anything nor talking to anyone, and especially when the pocket is empty lol… and as I realized that “to be patience is not so easy as we talk” 



Just a dream…

I was lying down under the sky,
Looking at the moon and thinking about you,
Clouds passing by the moon and birds flying in the sky…
I was afraid they might take you away from me…
Suddenly the huge bunch of clouds rushed towards you.
Just as I thought, they take you far away from me,
And never saw you again…
All of a sudden, I woke up from the sleep,
Thank to Buddha! It was just a dream


Sometimes, I wish…….

Sometimes, I wish….
Wish I could live a life as in a movies…
Want to live just as the character plays…
Live, enjoy, fun, love, care, respect, songs, dance, climax, and everything…
Difficulties, struggles may come over…
But always have solutions for those problems.
Sometimes, I wish….
Wish I could be a hero, like in movies…
So, I could handle everything so easily,
Fighting against enemy, loving the person, whom I love the most,
Wish I could love a life as in movies,
Sadness, happiness, troubles, pain, love or May anything comes…
But always
Even a simple life would be so enjoyable and much memorable…
Only, if I could live a life as in a movie


Sometimes….Am I?

Sometimes life suddenly changes,
Which you don’t like, you start liking,
Who we love, they start hating,
It’s so miserable, really hard to understand,
What’s really going on…?
Things suddenly changed,
Not feeling anything to do,
Don’t know even, what I am doing now.
What am I studying, what should I suppose to do?
Don’t know anything at all.
“As if I’m lost in a middle of a vast ocean,
So lonely and have no way to go anywhere else.
Am I really lost…?

March, 2011

Real Peace and Hapiness

By wearing only the good clothes, it doesn’t mean that he/she is a good person. By having a good car, good house, good looking it won’t make him/her a real good person. A person may good by outer (externally), but what about inner (internally)?

And the most important thing is that, a person should be good by inner, such as politeness, humbleness, non-self, humanity, respectful, kindness, compassion and most important is to be helpful.

Every people want to be happy and live peacefully until they live in this world, but how should do they live? Are we really living in right way? Some may but what about others who are lack behind in knowledge, what about them? Who never had been to schools or colleges? Even a learned person can’t able to control their anger and greediness, how will others do? Who never catch pencils and pens? Is that all we learn right from the bottom of our studies starting from playground till colleges and universities? Did we really learn something? Why do we go to schools and colleges or universities?  To study and gain highest marks and get qualified for the best job? Or to be learned person therefore to help others and own self as well?
Now in current world, we only go to schools, therefore planning for the better future. But do we know better future in what? Do we study only to get a good job? In my case, I would say, No’ I study therefore to gain knowledge not by getting highest marks but by using my knowledge on something that should be used in.
Our life is very short, so short that we even don’t have much time to learn everything that we can learn. So why don’t we learn something not everything, few but useful and let others learn too. Teaching others to live happy and peacefully and live happily own self is the greatest achievement of our life, if we can’t do that much also than what is the purpose of being born as a human.
The real peace, really happy and rich people are those who don’t learn something therefore to get qualified in a good job but to help own self and others therefore to live peacefully with joy. 

My Life

Life as a Novice  Monk

Through my understanding, life as a monk is the simplest life in this whole world, monk’s life is the life of goodness and it’s not so easy as it looks, to be ordain as a monk is the biggest achievement in life, life before ordain and life after ordain is far different, when we will know the both life of a lay and a monk, that day we will know the real meaning of life, and the day we will realize everything about our life, that day we will get the most precious gift that nobody has ever expected. Monk life is not as easy as it looks, monks have to do everything, more than others and monk have to know everything in life, from doctor to engineer to carpenter etc. Everything, monks have to be every time active and aware from doing bad deeds.

“Life as a son”

Life as a son is very interesting in some way and very difficult but not so difficult as we think, and not so simple as we wish for, son have many responsibilities which they have to follow in life, life may turn into bad or a good, they have to know, there will sure come bad moments in life which you even try to control, cannot.

Life is just not to define something, it’s the way to deal it, and win the game, and we have to be very fast and clever enough to bet the world. In this life too much honesty is also bad and too much greedy also bad because, honesty men go to jail and every other enjoys, but there will come one day that every good people will get their gift one day in their life. Do not make life so simple, that it’s too slow to live in the society, life have to be smooth and in the middle way, were there are no any problems. 

Life for me

For me “Life” means a biggest opportunity to be free from suffering; we don’t get life as easily as Human being. Sometimes I think and listen from teachers and great Buddhist scholars, that last life we had done some good deeds so we have born as a human being, if we had done some bad, we could have been born as an animal or as a hungry ghost. There were many things we had already done and there are lots more things to do in the future, May in the way we get some bad way, bad thoughts, but we have to know and choose the correct way, who knows? What will happen in the future, so just be good and do well in present moment, life can turn into happiness or sadness nobody can say now! so until your alive just think of good, I know it’s very hard to think good, because bad things are easy to do, easy to think, very easy to understand and easier is that, we are always at first  and interest a lot about bad things more than a good one.
Sometimes when I sit alone, and think about me and my life and the world, i just think that it’s a game that we are playing, but only thing which different between a video game and a life game is that in video game we can get second chance, but in our  we don’t.

Life is something unique and very special and most precious in this world, if there would be no life there would be no worlds like this. But the life which our ancestors were living and now we are living are totally different, life before were happy, peace, there were troubles but solve it together we the people, but in present, we can’t rust in our own family also. Life for me, it is the most valuable and special gift, I ever had, so I heartily big thanks to my parents. Many people say that god makes us, I don’t know maybe true or not, but I know my Mom gave me birth, keep in her warm womb for a long nine months after that she give birth to us, in the world there is no other bigger and respected person more than Mom, I love my mom very much, so as well every children love their mom a lot, so Mom does, Mom’s love and her care is everything for the children. That is life.

I wrote this on 2009, when I didn’t had anything to do. 


Everyone has different ways of spending their free time. As for me, I usually chat with my friends and brothers, when I have free time. Most of the time I like to chat with friends alone. I think that through chatting, I can discover the art of conversation; it improves my vocabulary, sentences, tense and grammar of English and other languages too.
Beside that I like to listen music, watch movies & cartoons and read some short stories, I like long stories too but very lazy to read, short stories, like Children’s stories. In movies horror, comedy, teenage, & romance, well but my favorite is to watch cartoons, my all-time favorites cartoons are “Tom and Jerry, Per-man, Popeye the sailor man” and many others too. And about music, pop, slow rock, Sufi, rap and evergreen love songs, but I hate rock & metallic songs.
So this are all the things I like to do in my free time and I do.
I wrote this about 2  years (2010) ago in my diary, so now in my blog, today hihihi! 2012!
And nowadays I usually, spend my time on practicing Dharma activities and practicing meditation, reading books for sure, and music and etc.