In Nepal

On February of 2009, I traveled to Nepal. It was an amazing journey from India to Nepal. The way was quite un-predictable, plain areas were quite good but soon after reached to the area of Nepal it was hill, big mountains and forests
Soon after a long journey we drop by Boudhnath, where I spent nearly half of night, because at night we did not get any local vehicles to go some other places.
sunset-cc-biranbig-p                                                                                        Boudhnath
As I round the stupa, I felt so joy and happiness I ever had, thought myself, how lucky, is to visit a place like this, area full of compassionate spirits.
On the next day, we move towards to discover some other places of Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. It was really a great feel, so many faces, some wearing traditional dress, even though I am too Nepali, but finds myself so odd from them, guess because of different place. Kathmandu is full of Vehicles and dust, especially motor-bikes, but even though anything everything was so amazing.
Our first destination was, “Kirtipur” high in the hills, spend almost a week over there at Temple, named Shree Kirtipur Vihar. It was quite cold area, at night used to get freeze hehe aaa chu chu chu!                                                                                                                
And I spend almost two months in Nepal. Visit many places and some of my favorite sites were Patan, where it was full of historic areas, stupas many of was Buddhist stupas, Bhaktapur, which is one of my favorite location, it was cool and so amazingly kept, houses from so long time ago. Pashupatinath, the only largest temple for Hinduism, numbers of people were their every day, Banepa, it was quite far from main town, but the place of beautiful where I spend almost a week. Met many people and had a good relation with them. And our next destination was Sakhu, high in hills very far from main town, many ups and downs and zigzag way reached over there, wow! It was truly paradise, above the clouds, can see far away small villages, just nearby lodge there was an ancient temple of Buddhism (Vajrayogini), this temple was so unique from others, but any way it was beautiful. And one of my favorite place was Thamel, It was a huge market and were many small streets, which was really hard to identify the places, it was both National and International goods available over there, and most were foreigners, so many westerners and from different countries do visit Nepal. 
It was an awesome trip to Nepal, and I hope to visit once more time again in my life February 2009

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