Mahapanya college

As saying goes “Take a limitation and turn it into an opportunity. Take an opportunity and turn it into an adventure by dreaming BIG!”

Its what exactly happened, I came here, in this college totally blind, unaware of what I was going to get from this place, and what effect shall cause this into my life and through this limitation, I stepped into this wonderland of an opportunity, where I learned tremendous lesson, obviously, through Buddhist teachings, and now stepping into the another stage of my life, an adventure, exploring spirituality within oneself through Buddhist practices.

Not knowing when this wonderful days of my life in this college has come to an end. As I look back into my life, I just feel joy that I’ve lived in this place, where I got more than everything.

Over the years, this college has given me the chance to make a positive change acquiring relevant, worthwhile experience of my life and now I am ecstatically happy to be here, study and finally completing this program. Each and every moment which I have spent here in this college shall be treasured forever deep down into my heart.



We born and we die,
we meet and we depart,
love and we break,

Sun rises and falls,
And with each sun rises,
Starts the whole new day.

Let’s accept this reality,
The law of impermanence,
And move forward always.


A Good Time To Remember

20th June, I was searching for a place to spend a night in Bangkok near by Soi Asoke due to some problem regarding my passport, came here  from Hatyai. I needed to spend few daysfor the completion of my passport. Went to Sutthisarn to Pahurat to Taladphu to Ramkhamaneg waiting for the document from my institute, later went to Indian Embassy but still it couldn’t complete…came to Indian Embassy for renewing my passport I felt really India hihihi, just for a one signature on my paper, I spend some more days in Bangkok city,  So I went in search of a place to stay, I went to Wat That Thong nearby BTS station of Soi Ekammai but the in-charge of there sends me to Wat Dhammamongkol nearby BTS station of Soi Punavithi.                                                                                                                                                                                          
After 15 minutes from Soi Ekamai I reached to Soi Punavithi at Wat Dhammamongkol as soon as I got there, I went office to ask permission to stay over there but the monks over there hardly speak English so one monk called to a monk who can speak English and I talked with him in a telephone and luckily I got it!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                The temple was really big, the Ubosot (main hall) was big and inside had a giant Black Buddha statue and just near by there was another huge pagoda, look alike the Mahabodhi temple of Bodh Gaya in India and the monks over here follows the Dhammayut (Nikaya) tradition of Thai Buddhist. Monks and Lays are really appreciate-able, they helped me fully, regarding my meals, robes etc, everything. Get to know new people in new place. It was really comfortable and I enjoyed staying over there, everything was just too good. I even made a friendship with a novice monk (sramanera) (sorry I forgot his name)who can speak English very well, I could understand him very well, he was at his 2nd year of B.A studies in the centre of Mahamukut University at Salaya, had a really good time, talked few Dhamma topics and general conversations. Even the incharge like monk Phra Mas, who was really kind and helpful, even he was doing his Master Degree but where I didn’t asked him :). And especially one of the yom (lay devotee) who spend almost ten years in service to Wat Dhammamongkol practicing the teachings of Luangpoo Viriyang Sirintharo, the founder of Wat Dhammamongkol. His name was yom (lay devotee)  Tom, so generous, kind, helpful, he provided me with everything, from my meals to robes with everything, he helped me alot, he went to Indian Embassy with me, even went to drop me to Sai Tai (southern bus station). I am very much thankful to everybody of Wat Dhammamongkol, so kind, generous, helpful, really happy being there, hope to go and visit again taking my friends.

13Wat Dhammamongkol

17The Lord Abbot of Wat Dhammamongkol Phra Viriyang Sirintharo

11Big Pagoda and Willpower Institute

The pagoda is of 14 floors and in the topmost floor there are sketches of the Four Noble Truths, Dhamma Wheel & Twelve Dependent Links

22Dependent Origination

23Four Noble Truths

12The Main Hall and Huge Black Buddha Statue
10Newly ordained monks’ chanting session
15The Big Jade Buddha and Avaloketeshvara

16The ceiling above shows the life story of the Prince Siddhartha and later Buddha

IMG_0321I slept in this kuti (monks residence)


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Note: Actually this is my homework, which need to be submit by tomorrow and I just finish, it is not that academic or excellent work.


I choose Upaddha Sutta as my topic because I have my own experiences with it and I learned so far about this topic. And it suits for the modern lifestyle as well as is the best topic I ever find in the Pali canon till now. The sutta is about the Admirable friendship. It is the 2nd sutta in the Maha Vagga(The Great Section) of the Samyutta Nikaya which is one of the 5 nikayas in Suttantapitaka of Pali Canon.
The sutta was taught in the place called Sakkara, where the Buddha Shakyamuni was living among the Sakyans. There Ven. Ananda sat down near the Buddha and said “This is half of the holy life, lord: admirable friendship, admirable companionship, admirable camaraderie.”
And the Buddha said; “Don’t say that, Ananda. Don’t say that. Admirable friendship, admirable companionship, admirable camaraderie is actually the whole of the holy life. When a monk has admirable people as friends, companions, & comrades, he can be expected to develop & pursue the noble eightfold path.[1]
And furthermore the Buddha started to explain how does a monk develop and pursue the noble eightfold path and through this one may know how admirable friendship is the whole of the holy life.
As I have been listening since childhood from my parents that; wherever you may go, anywhere, be with good friends, stay with wise and good person, make good friends, associate with good people. And now I am getting to understand sayings of my parents as well as my teachers that it is very important to be with good friends, in the good environment where you associate with goodness. It is not that I am judging a friend or a person. As in India people usually talk, “Son of the Policeman will become Policeman one day, son of the Film Star will become film star one day and son of the thief will become thief one day”, it is in the same way that surrounded by a good companions shall become good person one day. As the Buddha, he himself said in the Upaddha Sutta (SN 45.2) “Admirable friendship is the whole of the holy life”
And now I am glad that I live in the place, the people whom I meet everyday in life, they all are good, whoever the person might be, known or unknown, from them I have learned a lot and I have been learning everyday in my life and shall be learning in the up coming days till the end of my life. For me good person is not someone who always be good with me, good person or a good friends are someone who leaves behind many memories with lots of love and care, who teaches us, the value of friendship in life. Even with bad or with less good person we can learn a lot, as I do learn from many different kinds of people, whether they are good or bad, for me it really doesn’t matter, because in every dark character there is some light of brightness from where we can learn a lot more than who is good in look.
As the Dighajanu (Vyagghapajja) Sutta (AN 8.54) clearly points out that not only associate with good people but also learn from them and emulate their good qualities.

a good friendship

Real Buddhism

real buddhism
Real Buddhism is talking about life which starts from the mother’s womb until death. Life is not about LOOKS. Nowadays, in modern world, what happening is that, we are concerning more on LOOKS.  We have got judgmental mind, when we see a person, we directly judge by their LOOKS.  I don’t know, maybe some might say; ‘yea we can judge by their looks’. Maybe we can….. hihihi but the real message of the Buddha is to Understand our life first, as said by the Buddha himself in the 1st Truth of the 4 Noble Truth, “Truth of Suffering” which should be known by us before investigating on it, to find out the “Causes” and then with the help of “Noble Paths” we attain “Cessation”.
 ‘Understanding of the real life is more important. First came is Body and Mind not the clothes’.

Why do we give money to beggar and why can’t we buy something from a poor person?

Why do we give money to beggar and why can’t we buy something from a poor person?
Are we really practicing compassion? Or we just talk on compassion?
It’s not that we should not give money (not only money, foods, clothes or anything) to beggars but I want to know is that, why don’t’ we buy something from the poor person, who sells flowers, foods or toys or anything, who walks in the middle of the road all day along trying to sell his/her goods and bring back some money to his/her house, hot or cold, not caring own body and feeling, they want is just a food for a day to give his/her family and for own self. They don’t wear a good clothes as we do, no good house to live and comfortable car to move places around don’t we feel compassion on them?? we Buddhist not only Buddhist every human talks about loving-kindness and compassion and don’t we feel compassion on them?_? who at least tries  work, earn money for a day and take back few money back to home, are we really practicing compassion?                                                                                                                                               
When we see a beggar we automatically feel pity on them and give him/her few coins, so in order to feel compassion should we meet only a beggar ? who begs around in the town or a city in the road, wearing half torn clothes, dirty body, some with no hand or some with no leg or with no eyes, should we offer only to those people? And someone who actually tries to earn something for a living works hard for a single penny whole day, but they look good~ ok ok! Got good clothes, hat to wear for sun protection, shoes or slippers to wear, glass for eye, are they not the object for compassion? Or we learn a lot about COMPASSION so that we don’t feel compassion for someone who looks good in physically and works hard?                                        
Yea, I know, I can understand, sometimes we don’t need what they sells, and what about beggars? They don’t give us anything nor they do any hard works? But why can we give  to beggars and why can’t we buy from the person who sells something? Although we don’t need what they sell, we do is just help them, we are helping them, how much it may cost not more than 20 bath, some sells for 5 and some for 10. Sometimes 5 and 10 or 20 bath we just give it to someone without any reason or benefits, when a son or a daughter asks money to their parents they just give a hundred or a thousand not even knowing what will they be doing with that money (sometimes only).                                                                  
             Now comes for a big big person, wealthy family, big organization holder or lets just say a religious person, they donates thousands and lakhs of money to some organization like orphan age home, old age home, schools or temples or anywhere, where they can be known, where people can know them, media can take photos and can be seen in newspaper, what is the use of doing all that? It looks like compassion but not compassion in real.                                         
When we feel compassion in real we just give it, not only to beggars but also to someone who needs it, like someone who sells flowers, candies, snacks in the middle of the road, how much it may cost not more than what we donate to temples or to other social places, sometimes when we enter to one shop, we don’t come out paying less than 50 or a hundred bath and now when time comes for a real help, why we are stepping backward? Let’s help to someone who works hard and try to earn something for a day to their family. Let’s not just talk about compassion, or donate to temples or other places, let’s stand front and help to person who really does something for living. Let’s spread compassion to every single sentient beings of this world.


Life is changing…

Life is changing…
My life is changing…
Days of joy, days of fun…
Left with memories only now…
Separated from families and friends…
Separated from everything…
And now I left alone…
Left with nothing more than just memories behind…
I miss those times, miss those days…
Life of fun, of love and joy…
And now I’m living, carrying just memories in my heart…

Nothing remains the same…
Everything changes, as the time passes…
Its just like a dream or a show or a movie…
Happiness comes but never last long…
And we think our life is happy, full of joy and pleasant…
No matter how happy we are now, today or tomorrow…
Someday, one day… happiness will leave us alone…

Movie is better than our lives…
We can watch and enjoy again the movies which we watched already before…
But life, nothing more than just a imagination..
Not even clear imagination…

Life is changing…
Changing every second, every moment… every breath I’m taking in and out, life is changing… every word I’m writing, life is changing… every thought that I’m thinking, life is changing…
Left with nothing more than just memories in my heart…


Past is just like a dream now….

Past is just like a dream…. Left behind only memories….
All those things which I did knowingly and unknowingly are just a past now….
All those time which I spent together with my family, parents, friends are just past now…
All those moments of fun, excitements, crushes, happiness, and sadness are just past now…
Yesterday is past for today and today will be past for tomorrow….
Whatever I did yesterday or last week, last month or last year is just like a dream… left only memories….
And now…  Past is just like a dream now…. Left behind only memories….

I’m Sick but OK!

Whenever I’m sick, I miss my mum a lot, although I miss her every time, even though I miss those times, when I used to get sick, even a little bit of minor headaches, mum used not let me do anything, not even let me to get out of my bed.
          Mum used to get late for her work but not caring it,  she uses to take care me and if she has got important work to do, she used to just prepare everything for me, so that I don’t have to work hard to get anything while am not feeling good, plenty of food, one big flash of boiler water, mum knows that I don’t like to drink hot water so she just boil the water first then she lets the water cool down than she used to give me to drink it.
            I know, I supposed not to think a lot now, as my head is paining and stomach just can’t letting me sleep well too, even though thoughts are just not stopping remembering all those time, which I spent together with my mum, I don’t know what to say, many people are around me but who knows what I’m feeling now.
          I miss you mum, missing you very much ^eyes are getting wet^ (but I talk to myself), “Come on! Boys don’t cry!!” and give a big hug to myself and smile  ^_^!  (just a childish post) 🙂

Love is Suffering

What is love?

Love = Suffering

Suffering = How? = Afraid of losing.

What is girlfriend?

Girlfriend = Share feeling = Love = Suffering = Afraid of losing.

Love before marriage = everything positive.

After knowing the real world, you don’t like, what your partner does, what you never knew about it before, which now makes you embarrassed.

Therefore, Love is suffering.

Better know before marriage…. 🙂

Not exactly true but somehow it can be true. A different person has their own aspect on defining Love.

This is one way of defining love and there are many more ways of defining love, in positive but above was in negative aspect of Love, but there are many positive aspects too.