A Good Time To Remember

20th June, I was searching for a place to spend a night in Bangkok near by Soi Asoke due to some problem regarding my passport, came here  from Hatyai. I needed to spend few daysfor the completion of my passport. Went to Sutthisarn to Pahurat to Taladphu to Ramkhamaneg waiting for the document from my institute, later went to Indian Embassy but still it couldn’t complete…came to Indian Embassy for renewing my passport I felt really India hihihi, just for a one signature on my paper, I spend some more days in Bangkok city,  So I went in search of a place to stay, I went to Wat That Thong nearby BTS station of Soi Ekammai but the in-charge of there sends me to Wat Dhammamongkol nearby BTS station of Soi Punavithi.                                                                                                                                                                                          
After 15 minutes from Soi Ekamai I reached to Soi Punavithi at Wat Dhammamongkol as soon as I got there, I went office to ask permission to stay over there but the monks over there hardly speak English so one monk called to a monk who can speak English and I talked with him in a telephone and luckily I got it!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                The temple was really big, the Ubosot (main hall) was big and inside had a giant Black Buddha statue and just near by there was another huge pagoda, look alike the Mahabodhi temple of Bodh Gaya in India and the monks over here follows the Dhammayut (Nikaya) tradition of Thai Buddhist. Monks and Lays are really appreciate-able, they helped me fully, regarding my meals, robes etc, everything. Get to know new people in new place. It was really comfortable and I enjoyed staying over there, everything was just too good. I even made a friendship with a novice monk (sramanera) (sorry I forgot his name)who can speak English very well, I could understand him very well, he was at his 2nd year of B.A studies in the centre of Mahamukut University at Salaya, had a really good time, talked few Dhamma topics and general conversations. Even the incharge like monk Phra Mas, who was really kind and helpful, even he was doing his Master Degree but where I didn’t asked him :). And especially one of the yom (lay devotee) who spend almost ten years in service to Wat Dhammamongkol practicing the teachings of Luangpoo Viriyang Sirintharo, the founder of Wat Dhammamongkol. His name was yom (lay devotee)  Tom, so generous, kind, helpful, he provided me with everything, from my meals to robes with everything, he helped me alot, he went to Indian Embassy with me, even went to drop me to Sai Tai (southern bus station). I am very much thankful to everybody of Wat Dhammamongkol, so kind, generous, helpful, really happy being there, hope to go and visit again taking my friends.

13Wat Dhammamongkol

17The Lord Abbot of Wat Dhammamongkol Phra Viriyang Sirintharo

11Big Pagoda and Willpower Institute

The pagoda is of 14 floors and in the topmost floor there are sketches of the Four Noble Truths, Dhamma Wheel & Twelve Dependent Links

22Dependent Origination

23Four Noble Truths

12The Main Hall and Huge Black Buddha Statue
10Newly ordained monks’ chanting session
15The Big Jade Buddha and Avaloketeshvara

16The ceiling above shows the life story of the Prince Siddhartha and later Buddha

IMG_0321I slept in this kuti (monks residence)


For more details about this Temple log in to http://www.buddhanet.net/wat_m3.htm






One thought on “A Good Time To Remember

  1. What a great novice, wish you have a chance to spend time as a therabada monk in a great temple like this… Sure you will have a chance to embrace theravada teaching more.. 😦

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