Real Buddhism

real buddhism
Real Buddhism is talking about life which starts from the mother’s womb until death. Life is not about LOOKS. Nowadays, in modern world, what happening is that, we are concerning more on LOOKS.  We have got judgmental mind, when we see a person, we directly judge by their LOOKS.  I don’t know, maybe some might say; ‘yea we can judge by their looks’. Maybe we can….. hihihi but the real message of the Buddha is to Understand our life first, as said by the Buddha himself in the 1st Truth of the 4 Noble Truth, “Truth of Suffering” which should be known by us before investigating on it, to find out the “Causes” and then with the help of “Noble Paths” we attain “Cessation”.
 ‘Understanding of the real life is more important. First came is Body and Mind not the clothes’.

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