I’m Sick but OK!

Whenever I’m sick, I miss my mum a lot, although I miss her every time, even though I miss those times, when I used to get sick, even a little bit of minor headaches, mum used not let me do anything, not even let me to get out of my bed.
          Mum used to get late for her work but not caring it,  she uses to take care me and if she has got important work to do, she used to just prepare everything for me, so that I don’t have to work hard to get anything while am not feeling good, plenty of food, one big flash of boiler water, mum knows that I don’t like to drink hot water so she just boil the water first then she lets the water cool down than she used to give me to drink it.
            I know, I supposed not to think a lot now, as my head is paining and stomach just can’t letting me sleep well too, even though thoughts are just not stopping remembering all those time, which I spent together with my mum, I don’t know what to say, many people are around me but who knows what I’m feeling now.
          I miss you mum, missing you very much ^eyes are getting wet^ (but I talk to myself), “Come on! Boys don’t cry!!” and give a big hug to myself and smile  ^_^!  (just a childish post) 🙂

4 thoughts on “I’m Sick but OK!

  1. It is ok to cry for muma.. Mom is the best person in the world who really know how to take care of you especially when you are sick. A husband or wife is someone who is your best friend you want to spend your life with but once you re sick, no one can replace muma… Totally agree!

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