Love is Suffering

What is love?

Love = Suffering

Suffering = How? = Afraid of losing.

What is girlfriend?

Girlfriend = Share feeling = Love = Suffering = Afraid of losing.

Love before marriage = everything positive.

After knowing the real world, you don’t like, what your partner does, what you never knew about it before, which now makes you embarrassed.

Therefore, Love is suffering.

Better know before marriage…. 🙂

Not exactly true but somehow it can be true. A different person has their own aspect on defining Love.

This is one way of defining love and there are many more ways of defining love, in positive but above was in negative aspect of Love, but there are many positive aspects too.


7 thoughts on “Love is Suffering

  1. haahahahha that is very negative way to look at LOVE! hehehehehe.. Love takes time! Teenagers ‘s love are more like a fling…not really love yet..
    For me, It took me after many years of my marriage to understand what Love really is.
    Love doesn’t mean you have to be together….
    Love doesn’t mean you have to become gf-bf, or husband-wife.
    Love is how you feel inside.
    Love has nothing to do with marriage! or certificate! those certificate will not save your love.
    Love is only from the heart, no possessiond
    Love is still Love
    Don’t get confuse between Love and Lust

    Love = suffering = afraid of losing ????? hahahahaha

    heheehhehe when u really love someone, you have to let him/her free
    let them be themselves.. nothing to be afraid of..
    you have to trust each other.. the most important thing is THRUST.

    An as long as you know you are loved…it doesn’t matter where you are…. you will be no suffering hehehehehe… Love will keep us alive! Even if death separate the two… love is still there.. it doesn’t die with it..
    me sleepy now hehehehe will talk more later hhehehehehe

    1. wow u’ve got very good explanation about love, thank you so much once again! hihi, yes you right! love is like that! hihi i agreed! well that was my one side of looking to love which was negative side but there are many thing in positive too but for me i think, i haven’t experienced what really love is….maybe i think so hihi!

      1. :). There is no need to rush in finding love…
        Take your time, enjoy every moment you have.
        Don’t live your life waiting for tomorrow or next year..
        Because, tomorrow may never come!
        enjoy the present moment!
        Forget the Past! LIVE the present! And Don’t worry about the future!

  2. Hihihih. Come back read what I wrote again 😉 ieieie ok now. LOVE = SUFFERRING heehehhehe 🙂 I think it is the choice that we choose to think. If we are CONTENT with what we have then there should be no SufferRing :).
    Well, sometime we just feel better to flow into the rough emotion just to feel what LIFE is really is.
    And once you have enough of rocking boat, you can either jump of the boat and kill yourself if you are now able to SWIM. Or you can jump out feom the boat to dive peacefully and enjoy being in the water …..
    I say to feel Love = to LIVe a full life…
    Hehhe and Suffering occur eventhough no marriage.
    Every Happiness, there is Sufferring behind it….just like you cannot have the palm of your hand without the backof your hand. 🙂 BUY ONE, GET TWO! What a deal! Hihihihhihi
    That is why there is a saying in buddhism, “dont be too happy in anything, coz sufferings will followed”
    But i think..sometime I rather live the fullest of both. Higih and then jump back into the serene water as a cure :). At least we know what Love and Sufferring are.

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